Located within an hour of Guangzhou and Dongguan cities, Zengcheng is home to Utahloy International School’s boarding campus. While here, groups enjoy our boarding school facilities, including 3-daily meals at our canteen. The Zengcheng area offers an insight into more than 1800 years of Chinese cultural and religious history. Additionally, Zengcheng provides many opportunities to get in touch with local agriculture and developing industry. Programme learning components in and around Zengcheng include:
  • Urbanization & Development in China: Factory visits, new and old Zengcheng, Hakka village bike rides and more.
  • Local and International School Visits: Immersion and shadowing students in cross-cultural educational contexts.
  • Cultural & Historical Activities: Chinese medicine demonstrations, Kung Fu and lion dance instruction, Buddhist and Taoist temples, medicine markets, museums, war forts and more!
  • Chinese Language Study: Contextualized lessons both in and outside of the classroom. Lessons are provided by trained Chinese teachers. Information learned in the classroom is applied in real-world experiences at the market, bus station and local villages.
  • Adventure: Hiking, biking, kayaking, team building and more.


Heishan minority village, home to the Yao tribe in rural Qing Yuan county offers participants unique cultural opportunities, while being immersed in the rich beauty, customs and landscapes of the Yao people. Programme learning components in and around Heishan include:
  • Homestay: CNH offers one of the only traditional homestay experiences in southern China. This exclusive experience allows participants to share meals and create memories with Yao families in their own homes.
  • Service: Join ongoing community service projects at local schools, retirement homes and more.
  • Local Agriculture: Planting and harvesting tea, rice and vegetables. Gain insight into how the local population has subsisted for hundreds of years!
  • Local Customs: Partake in ancient traditions, including tea ceremony, handicraft, costume, song and dance.


The home of the Hakka people. Immerse yourself in the traditions, customs and language of the local people. This is an area unknown to the common traveller! The Yingde area is surrounded by karst topography, a unique geological feature that consists of towering earthen formations that rise hundreds of meters from the ground.
  • Adventure: Test your physical and mental limits through outdoor rock climbing, caving and mountain biking.
  • Sustainability: Learn the local farming practices and see first-hand how the local people have adapted to a changing global economy.
  • Service: Create and deliver service projects in partnership with community heads. This can include rubbish pick-up, teaching at a local school and more!


Twin Moon Bay is located on the South China Sea, between Shenzhen and Huizhou cities. This location offers an ideal environment for a unique camp experience including adventure, teamwork, service, and creativity options. Accommodation at Twin Moon Bay includes the choice of a 4-star hotel or private hostel facilities. Programme learning components in Twin Moon Bay include:
  • Adventure: Stand-up paddle boarding, boogie boarding, indoor rock climbing, hiking, team building and more.
  • Environment, Sustainability & Service: Sea Turtle Centre tour, beach clean-up, Eco-tourism studies and more.
  • Handicraft & Arts: T-shirt screen printing, mask-making and hand-painting.
  • Leadership: Scavenger hunts, amazing race, team presentations and more.