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Pak Lap Wan

About Pak Lap Wan

Nestled in the beautiful and verdant hills of Sai Kung Country Park, Pak Lap Wan (白腊灣) has been described as the “Maldives of Hong Kong”. Pak Lap Wan is connected to Sai Kung Peninsula through the West Dam and East Dam at High Island reservoir. Situated adjacent to Man Yee Road (萬宜路) in Sai Kung, Pak Lap Wan is close to the East dam and Pak Lap Village (白腊村). The village has a unique century-old “Fung Shui Wood’ that is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Hikers are surrounded by beautiful scenery throughout the journey to the bay, with the final destination overlooking an offshore island in Rocky Harbour (糧船灣).

Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday to Friday: 9:30am to 5pm

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As it is situated in Sai Kung Country Park (西貢郊野公園), there is no public transportation to Pak Lap Wan. However, there are several buses that can take you to Pak Tam Chung (北潭涌), a mid-point between Sai Kung town and Pak Lap Wan. You may then take a taxi from there for approximately HK$55.




Bus No.94

To Wong Shek Pier (黃石碼頭)

Every 30 minutes starting from 6 am

Mini Bus No.7

To Hoi Ha Wan (海下灣)

Every 15 and 45 minutes

Mini Bus No.9

To Lady Maclehose Village

Every 25 and 55 minutes

If you are taking public buses, please make sure to get off at Pak Tam Chung (Before entering Sai Kung Country Park).

By Taxi: probably the easiest way to get there. Approximately a 25-minute journey from Sai Kung Town, the trip would cost around $98.

By Boat: You can take a boat from Sai Kung pier to High Island (Leung Shuen Wan). From there, it is a 20 minute hike to Pak Lap Wan. The boat journey takes approximately 20 minutes, and usually costs around HK$500 to 700 for 3 to 8 persons.

Hike from Pak Tam Chung: follow the carriageway of the first stage of the MacLehose Trail (麥理浩徑) towards High Island Reservoir (萬宜水庫). Then walk along the Man Yee Road (萬宜路), which leads you to the East Dam. The hike takes approximately 1 hour 40 minutes. Once you see the pavilion on the right hand side, you have reached the top of Pak Lap village, from where it is an easy 15 minutes hike to Pak Lap Wan.

Stay at a fully furnished apartment in Pak Lap Village (白腊村) and experience the rural lifestyle, or head out to the pristine beach where there is a food shop, kayaking and water sports. Click HERE for the accommodation menu.

Pak Lap Wan has a small store which sells snacks, beverages and dishes made with locally grown organic food. Don’t miss our signature dish of Rice with Curry Beef. Click HERE for the food menu.