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This domain offers a range of opportunities for students to build strong relationships with schools and communities in the local area. There are many opportunities to share and give back to those in need, with sustainable service projects.

Service is an integral part of all of our programmes and it allows students to achieve many of the learning objectives set out by the IBO in the 2010 CAS Guide. Students will:

  • gain an awareness of their strengths
  • undertake new challenges
  • collaborate with other students and the local community
  • be involved in global initiatives
  • consider the implications of their actions; ethical, environmental, social, educational
  • develop new skills, such as teaching English, Art and PE
This can be achieved through:
  • Painting at local schools
  • Teaching English in local schools
  • Teaching art and PE at UISZ
  • Working with local villagers on construction projects
  • Clearing rubbish from the local environments