• The programmes are customized to meet the needs of individual schools and participants. A CNH programme can be anywhere from 1 day to 6 weeks long.
  • CNH welcomes schools throughout the year. However, some activities may be subject to weather conditions so it’s important to be aware of this when coming to China.

    December to February is dry and cool (The average temperature is 17C but could drop to below 10C when a cool front approaches)

    March to May is warm and humid (can turn a bit cold at night)

    June to September is hot and humid (day time temperature often exceeds 32C)

    October to November is warm (between 25-30C)

  • To prepare for a visit to the Guangdong province you should bring a sun hat and sun-smart clothing such as a breathable shirts and long thin pants. A swim suit, light jacket, shorts, and t-shirts are also appropriate in the spring and summer months (around April-November). In the cooler months (between December and March) you will need to bring warmer clothing and a coat as it may be very cold at some sites we visit. Closed toed shoes for activities are important but scandals can be worn for leisure activities. Other important items include: a rain jacket, insect repellent, sunscreen and personal medications. We have laundry facilities to wash and dry clothes.
  • We have a competitive rate, cost of your programme will depend on what activities you choose and the length of your stay.
  • Depending on the length of stay, students should come with roughly 300-500RMB per week to spend on gifts and souvenirs. All meals, transport and accommodation are provided.
  • Risk assessments are carried out at all sites and for all activities. Safety briefings are given prior to each activity. Emergency and critical incidents procedures are in place. At Utahloy International School there is 24 hour security within our gated campus and 24 x 7 nurse-on-call service (Not available at our Hong Kong and Heishan sites). Local hospitals are available at each site in case of an emergency. *You will need to arrange to have private health insurance to cover the length of the stay.
  • As for 2017 we have three official sites where we operate our experiential programmes; Zengcheng, Hong Kong and Heishan Village. In Zengcheng, CNH visitors are housed in the Dragon House Boarding facility in the grounds of UISZ. UISZ is enclosed within a beautiful property of botanical gardens, set on 84 hectares of land. There is a 50 metre swimming pool, sports fields, outdoor gym, weights room, restaurant on the Lake for all meals, school facilities such as library, classrooms and audio-visual room. In Hong Kong CNH visitors can access facilities including; Pak Lap beach for water sport activities, campground, café, BBQ, shower, lockers, toilets, telephone service and beautiful surrounds. In Heishan, CNH visitors can experience rural life in a Chinese village. The visitors will be housed in homestay accommodation with local families, share meals in the community centre, play games on the courts and study in the classrooms.
  • You can keep in touch via email directly with the participant. Alternatively, the staff or adult traveling with the participant can be reached at any time through email or by telephone (this information is the responsibility of the visiting staff to organize with the participant’s family).