Safety & Risk management

At China New Horizons, our top priorities are health and safety.
China New Horizons works diligently to maintain the highest international industry standards for adventurous and non-adventurous activities.

The following statements describe China New Horizons' approach to managing risks:

1. Employing qualified and experienced staff and ensuring that all field staff and group leaders are trained in safe operating procedures.

  • All staff have go through an onsite induction which includes training in the relevant safety policies and procedures.
  • All staff are given a general health and safety briefing, obtain a level 1 Safeguarding and Child Protection Awareness certification, and carry a minimum certification of Wilderness First Aid.
  • Staff are required to participate in annual professional development opportunities, internally and externally, and maintain current certifications.

2. Identification of the risks associated with activities and locations, as well as the development of measures to minimize these risks.

  • Comprehensive risk assessments for each activity to best understand the environment (technically, culturally and politically), and reduce risk to health and safety.
  • Risk assessments are produced by qualified staff for each location visited and activity undertaken.
  • Staff are required to consult these reports before visiting a new site, undertaking a new activity or participating in a new project.
  • The risk assessments are continually evaluated and updated.

3. Development and implementation of standard operating procedures for each of the activities undertaken.

  • The risk assessments identify the main safety measures to reduce the risk to clients at the various locations and on different activities.
  • Conducting annual audits to ensure that risk reduction measures identified in the risk assessments are being implemented in full.

4. Ensuring there are adequate communication, medical and evacuation plans and procedures in place.

  • Staff can communicate with the China New Horizons’ headquarters at all times in the event of an emergency.
  • All groups trekking or paddling at the Pak Lap area use radios to check in and communicate with the basecamp/programme coordinators.
  • Each China New Horizons program is facilitated by qualified professionals who have appropriate medical training and appropriate medical supplies.
  • All China New Horizons facilitators carry a First Aid kit on each activity.
  • Hospitals and clinics have been identified within close proximity to each program location.
  • China New Horizons ensures that every activity/group is accompanied by a competent translator at all times.
  • Evacuation plans and procedures have been developed for each China New Horizons operating site. Including emergency vehicles on standby.

5. Documentation of all illnesses, accidents, near-misses or incidents which may have a bearing on health and safety. Use of relevant information to refine and ensure best practices for Health and Safety.

  • China New Horizons keeps detailed and confidential reports on all incidents involving clients and staff.