A fundamental aspect of the human experience is to learn to assist those in adverse circumstances. For this reason, developing global citizenship and initiative to act is a core element of the CNH Service/CAS programme. These qualities are reinforced throughout our programme and allow students to achieve many of the learning objectives set out by the IBO in the CAS Guide. The service-learning model implemented by CNH will include:
  • Investigate the needs of local schools, communities, farms, etc.
  • Plan an informed service project based on needs analysis and aligned with global initiatives
  • Implement service project in collaboration with other students and community members
  • Reflect throughout each stage of investigation, planning, implementation and adjust plan accordingly
  • Acknowledge and learn from strengths and challenges along the journey
  • Consider the implications of their actions: ethical, environmental, social, educational
  • Refine and develop individual interests and skills – teaching, leading, research, budgeting, etc.