Tuenbo Group

Tuenbo Group began its education business in Guangzhou since 1998. After 20 years of working conscientiously and with commitments, Tuenbo has successfully transformed its core business from real estate development to education and environmental conservation.

Tuenbo has two IB International Schools, namely Utahloy International School Guangzhou (UISG) and Utahloy International School Zengcheng (UISZ). In consideration of the well-conserved environment in Zengcheng, an outdoor educational programme – China New Horizons (CNH) was established in 2013. Its initiative is to provide students with outdoor learning experiences, to nurture the positive and caring attitude towards our ecology. The CNH programme was first introduced to the UISZ students and now, it is fully supported by the Victorian Government in Australia that subsidies Australian students to attend this programme in Zengcheng.  So far, the programme has proven to be a success, with participation from over 1,500 Australian students, as well as countless UISZ and UISG students.

Since 2016, Tuenbo has been utilising its own land in Pak Lap, Sai Kung as another CNH educational camp site. The aim is to encourage students to participate in various outdoor adventures and experiences with nature in a world-class geological park. Students gain independency skills and participate in different physical challenges in the CNH programme. All CNH staff are fully qualified and highly experienced.

Additionally, the CNH programme includes core aspect of the IB programme. Actions and Services are key elements of the international IB education. The Pak Lap educational camp site is use by UISG and UISZ, as well as other international schools in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. The village houses are to be used as educational training or as temporary accommodation for students and teachers engaging in our world-class programme.

These village houses in Pak Lap have been in disrepair with poor living conditions for an extended period of time. Tuenbo has work very hard and contributed considerable efforts to repair and refurbish these houses at its own cost. Tuenbo has work together with Pak Lap villagers to refurbish these houses and has signed long term leases and agreements. The owners of the village houses are the indigenous inhabitants of Pak Lap village, the landlord of the houses are responsible for the application of leasing the village houses.

We will continue to put environmental conservation as our first priority as is demonstrated by our commitment to improve, develop and celebrate the rich culture history of Pak Lap, Sai Kung.


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