Visiting Schools Programme

Schools from all over the globe join CNH for a rich and meaningful China experience.
The Visiting Schools Programmes range from 1 – 6 weeks in length and include the following modules:

  • Including language study, history, calligraphy, hand painting, local villages, markets, farms, schools, temples, museums, cooking and food, dance, Kung Fu and more.


  • Explore and inquire into China’s rapid development and the impact this has on the environment and culture. Explore and compare the contrasts of ancient vs. modern, urban vs. rural lifestyles, and prosperity vs. poverty in China.


  • Observe and learn about sustainability in China, focusing on social and economic development, as well as environmental protection. Visit local wet markets, factories and farms. Study and participate in local agricultural practices.


  • Strengthen leadership skills through: “real-world” experiences, mental, emotional and physical challenges and guided reflection. Participate and take responsibility in team building challenges, mountain biking, kayaking, trekking, rock climbing, abseiling and camping.


  • Developing global citizenship and initiative to take action. Building on existing relationships with local schools and villages, students partake in service projects that have been identified as needs by local school-leaders and village chiefs.